samedi 21 janvier 2012

Clean up baby !

I'm known for been a pretty messy girl. I fact Mom's always told me to clean up my room.
But the truth is : I HATE IT ! I just hate having a "too perfect" room. I like is with... let's say "Life".
I leaving some cloths on my bed, books, pens ...

The probleme is that one day, you have to clean. Why ? Because you are changing room with your mom for example. Like me this week.
So today, I tied my cutest scarf on my head and get ride of tones of paper, magasines, old (modern) cloth...

Now my childhood room looks really empty. I can't stop thinking that I had spent all those years (since my birth !) sleeping here. First sharing it, not without some fight, with my brother and then been alone.
But, that's life !

I wish you a very good weekend and to all of you who are making a change in their life : Have a great new start ^^

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