jeudi 25 août 2011

Day dreaming

In my dream house, I want everything below

 To knock at my door

 To hand my jewelry

 On my bed

 Behind my front door

 Awesome bed isn't it ?

 So cute déco idea

 In my garden, for BBQ's

On my dinning room

Shirley Temple

   Ok, I think i have a probleme. I'm getting mad about kids. I always loved kids but now...
Yesterday I watched "Curly Top" staring Shirley Temple and couldn't stop saying : Oh My Gosh, she is So Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute !

Well , she is ; look at those pictures. she is symply adorable. And what a fashion kid, i love all har fluffy dress !

Next time ... well maybe some more kids ^^

mardi 23 août 2011

The kids are alright

Bonjour les chéris !

Crazy stuff happend yesterday ! At work, I saw the most adorable child. She was all vintage inspired dressed. I think that she was about 6 and  she add cute ballerinas and a white dress all fluffy !

To her and to give some ideas to mamas ( dress your kids vintage, it's Soooo cute ) there some pictures of Vintage kids ^^

lundi 22 août 2011

Like a monday

    Salut les filles !
Just when i was saying that I'll be back on the blog,I once again left it. Bad, bad, very bad !
No particular excuses. I know: bad bad !

   Fact : My camera is in the doc hands fighting for life. I hope it'll make it ( camera are not free ! )
Fact 2 : I don't know why but on that monday i feel like doing a blogosphere inspiration. Yes just like so (crazy isn't it ? )

   First of all, I a great fan of Vixen Vintage posts but that one, gosh it was the perfect one. Look at that cute dress with an amazing history. Thanks for sharing Solanah.

   Then come that lovely one read on "Tales of retro-modern housewife" about meal planning. I love doing mine searching on food blog and books. I using the planner that "Elegant Musings" offered on her blog.

   Next, and what a cute next ! "The Little Red Squirrel" came up with her own made petticoat. So lovely. I love the Without/With petticoat picture that let us see the difference it made.

  The last, but not the least (come one you had guess that i was saying that) For the first time in my vintage loving life I  found a French vintage lover. Her blog is adorable and her look is stunning ! Let me introduce you to : "Tutti Frutti Vintage" created by Solenn for Toulouse.

   Well gals that's it for today. I promise I will be around and white some post but without my little camera it's hard to share couple of stuff.

So long !

jeudi 18 août 2011

RIP my camera ... snif !

   Today something terrible happend.
My mum broke my camera... this is the end my friend. It was on my bed (yes I know, strange place for a camera) and it falls when my mum ... actullay I have no clue chat she was doing in my bedroom near my bed, anyway. My sweet camera will need a lot of love and support to come back to life.

Show it your support please, we need a miracle here !
You can follow it's fight for life on my new Twitter and Facebook page. Thank for it .

(Gosh that's so sad !)

mardi 16 août 2011

The great dictator

   Charlie Chaplin is definitly one of the greatest actor ever. Last night I had a blast watching : "The Great Dictator".
What a movie! Even if the subject is hard, you can't controle yourself and have to smile. His critique of Hitler is just amazing.

 Charlie Chaplin 1920

Help yourself and have some fun ^^ A bientôt

Souvenirs du king

Elvis A. Presley, 8th of January 1935 - 16th of August 1977

vendredi 12 août 2011

Little me

   Hi dears ! I'm sorry to have left my blog for so long, sorry sorry sorry !
You know what it is, job, familly, just no idea what to post today...
   Well as a come-back post I wanted to show you this picture of little Me.
I had seen that post on Young vintage girl and it was so cute ^^
    So there I am three at my auntie place, in my favorite dress ever ^^ ( Maman kept it for my futur children, i'm SO glad she did it! )

I will see you soon gals

vendredi 5 août 2011


   Who is the best friend of Mister Tea ? Sir Scone of course !
Tell me, are you as crazy of those as me ? Really they are so great with some butter and jam or cream... Humm yummi.

   Well before savouring a nice afternoon tea with both of ours new friends, lets make Scones.

   To make around ten of them, you will need:


280gr of flour
60g of butter
40gr of sugar
1 egg
160gr of liquid cream
12gr of baking powder
1 pinch of salt


  1. Preheat the oven at 220°
  2. Mix flour, salt and baking powder together
  3. Add the butter in pieces and "Sabler" the paste (work it between you finger until it looks like sand)
  4. Mix the egg with the sugar until it has a creamy texture then add the liquid cream and mix it again.
  5. Add a little by little the liquid to the sandy paste.
  6. When your paste is done, make it 3 to 4 cm high and cut it with a 5cm cookie cutter. 
  7. Put some cream on the top of the "paste balls" and cook them 14min.
  8. Make yourself some tea and it one (or more) of those while they steel warm ^^
I really hope that you will like that recipe. Have a nice day today, amitié Charline.

jeudi 4 août 2011

Summer dress ^^

Hi dears ! I hope that you are all well and enjoy the late summer. For today ,just so random pictures of my new H&M dress.

mercredi 3 août 2011

A new book and some inspiration

   Hi everyone,
How are you doing today? Is finishing a book and start a new one makes you happy? It does for me.
I just finished : "The Ship of Brides" from Jojo Moyes
I found that book in a backpacker while visiting Australia last May, and have been hooked since I open it.


    In 1946 the Royal Navy entered the last stage of it's postwar transport of war brides, those women and girls who had married British servicemen serving aboard. Most were transported on troopships, or specially commissioned liners. But on 2 July 1946 some 655 Australian war brides embarked on a unique voyage: they were sailing to meet their British husband on HMS Victorious - an aircraft carrier.   
   More than 1100men - and ninteen aircraft - accompanied them, on a trip that lasted almost six weeks. The
youngest bride was fifteen. At least one was widowed before she reached her destination. My grandmother, Betty McKee, was one of those lucky enough to have her faith rewarded.
   This fictional account, inspired by that journey, is dedicated to her, and to all those brides brave enough to trust in an unknown future on the other side of the world.
Jojo Moyes
July 2004
NB All extracts are non-fictional and refer to the experiences 
of war brides, or those who served on the Victorious

   That it's what catch me !
Now I'm starting a new book : "French people aboard the Titanic" It seems awsome !!!

Well, now let's see what is on the other blog now :
That all for taday girls. Whoa It's actually a big post ^^
A bientôt ,Charline.

mardi 2 août 2011

Mode du jour, 1941

I'm always very interesting by your magasine scan posts, so I decide to make one myself too.
Those are some scan from "Mode Du Jour, 1941"  Enjoy ^^

Hope you will like it, XOXO Charline.

lundi 1 août 2011

Vivacious lady

   Ok, It's an other Ginger Rodgers movie, but what can I say! It's was her centenary the 16 of july and since I'm watching all her filmo.

I was inspired to watch that movie after I have read an article on True Classics. Now It's one of my favorite movie ever ! Ginger is so cute and lady like in it. I'm crazy about the "slap sceen", so funny.

Really, if you want to have a good laught then watch Vivacious lady !
PS: I love her university look ^^