lundi 22 août 2011

Like a monday

    Salut les filles !
Just when i was saying that I'll be back on the blog,I once again left it. Bad, bad, very bad !
No particular excuses. I know: bad bad !

   Fact : My camera is in the doc hands fighting for life. I hope it'll make it ( camera are not free ! )
Fact 2 : I don't know why but on that monday i feel like doing a blogosphere inspiration. Yes just like so (crazy isn't it ? )

   First of all, I a great fan of Vixen Vintage posts but that one, gosh it was the perfect one. Look at that cute dress with an amazing history. Thanks for sharing Solanah.

   Then come that lovely one read on "Tales of retro-modern housewife" about meal planning. I love doing mine searching on food blog and books. I using the planner that "Elegant Musings" offered on her blog.

   Next, and what a cute next ! "The Little Red Squirrel" came up with her own made petticoat. So lovely. I love the Without/With petticoat picture that let us see the difference it made.

  The last, but not the least (come one you had guess that i was saying that) For the first time in my vintage loving life I  found a French vintage lover. Her blog is adorable and her look is stunning ! Let me introduce you to : "Tutti Frutti Vintage" created by Solenn for Toulouse.

   Well gals that's it for today. I promise I will be around and white some post but without my little camera it's hard to share couple of stuff.

So long !

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