mercredi 3 août 2011

A new book and some inspiration

   Hi everyone,
How are you doing today? Is finishing a book and start a new one makes you happy? It does for me.
I just finished : "The Ship of Brides" from Jojo Moyes
I found that book in a backpacker while visiting Australia last May, and have been hooked since I open it.


    In 1946 the Royal Navy entered the last stage of it's postwar transport of war brides, those women and girls who had married British servicemen serving aboard. Most were transported on troopships, or specially commissioned liners. But on 2 July 1946 some 655 Australian war brides embarked on a unique voyage: they were sailing to meet their British husband on HMS Victorious - an aircraft carrier.   
   More than 1100men - and ninteen aircraft - accompanied them, on a trip that lasted almost six weeks. The
youngest bride was fifteen. At least one was widowed before she reached her destination. My grandmother, Betty McKee, was one of those lucky enough to have her faith rewarded.
   This fictional account, inspired by that journey, is dedicated to her, and to all those brides brave enough to trust in an unknown future on the other side of the world.
Jojo Moyes
July 2004
NB All extracts are non-fictional and refer to the experiences 
of war brides, or those who served on the Victorious

   That it's what catch me !
Now I'm starting a new book : "French people aboard the Titanic" It seems awsome !!!

Well, now let's see what is on the other blog now :
That all for taday girls. Whoa It's actually a big post ^^
A bientôt ,Charline.

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