samedi 3 mars 2012

Video kill the radio stars

Bonjour ! I hope you'r having a lovely Saturday.
Today I would like to qhare with you some great radio station. I found them while browsing on the net for some swing and oldies music. 

My N°1 favorite is The 1940's uk radio. They are playing music from the 20's to the late 40's and also some extract from old radio messages (the last one I heard was about getting advises in case of air raid and keeping your gaz ask in good conditions) 

Next one is KCEA 89.1FM. A very nice one full of oldies and big bands songs. I found it on Itunes radio.

I also love Angel radio the music and memories radio. They have some much little programmes like Jazzy breakfast, poetry moment, 1950's charts, star portrait, book at bed night ...

Those are the three I'm listening most of the time. I love theyre music and when I hear vintage extracts, I get shivers in the back.

Tell me, do you know any other radio that plays oldies? Or did you like those one i gave you ?
Hope you liked it ^^

2 commentaires:

  1. I like listening to Angel Radio too. I shall investigate 1940sukradio and KCEA as well, thanks for the links.

    Soundstage and Radio Dismuke are two of my other favourites.

    1. Thanks for sharing those new links. I will be sure to listen to them too.