mardi 26 juillet 2011

Blog Awards

   Oh my god ! I'm so exited,  I just found out that Young Vintage Girl gave me some awards.
Presley ( It's her real name ) is a darling and I never miss on of her post. By the way I recommend you her blog, it's swell ^^

So now five things about me ( it's the award routine)

  1. My real name is Charline and I'm 23 years old
  2. I'm French 
  3. I'm Crazy about bakery
  4. I collect clock necklace
  5. My inspirations are Mae West and Rita Hayworth

Time to pass the awards ^^

Diane from Yonks

The Ladys Resource Site

Miss Katy from The Little Red Squirrel

Josie from For the Vintage Fashionista

Help yourself girls and copy those awards on you blog ^^
Have a wonderfull day today ! xoxo Daisie ( or Charline as you want)

3 commentaires:

  1. Congrats Charline its fun to get awarded isnt it?

  2. Josie -> You are very welcome ^^

    Nelly -> Yes, it's so nice to see that people like your work !