mardi 12 juillet 2011

Ol' Blue Eyes

   Ahhh Frank Sinatra, The Voice of the 50's and 60's. Hearing him sing is breath taking . I might have around tree hundred of his songs in my Ipod, so imagine how few I breath !

Well, our fellow is born in 1915 from Italian parents. He is known as one of the best cronner ever and had sold more than 150 millions of disques. Frank started is career at twenty years old with a jazz band. Five years later he joined Tommy Dorsey and his band. In 1943 he singned with Columbia with who he will makes more than 300 records.

In February of the same year he also appeared for the fisrt time in a movie ( playing himself ) then in August in his first role movie : Higher and Higher.
In 1944 he plays for the first time with Gene Kelly in : Anchors Aweigh . Did you know that the famous scene where they are both singing and jumping on beds had to be shouted ... time because Frank couldn't jump in rhythm . 

Then came other movies like :
  • From here to Eternity
  • Hight Society
  • Pal Joey
  • Take Me Out To The Ball Game
  • On The Town

In music, tunes like " I'm A Fool To Want You" (that he wrote for his wife at the time Ava Gardner), "I've Got You Under My Skin", " The Lady Is A Tramp" or "My Way" are famous around the world.

To finish with, I recommend you The Official Frank Sinatra Website and Wikipedia for more infomations. I used both web site to create that article.

In Take Me Out To The Ball Game 

In Anchors Aweigh 

So long !

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